Project Timeline

  1. Kick-off meeting in Turkey, Eskisehir

    In participation of project coordinators from each partner country, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Croatia, "Start it UP, K

  2. Follow-up activity in Turkey

    Mentors explained a business plan with example projects and created connections with the Business Model Canvas and financial sources. Also, they ex

  3. Training course in Croatia, Kutina

    On the first day of the course, participants had been introduced with each other through engaging ice-breakers, shared their experiences, and perfo

  4. Follow-up activity in Croatia

    Mentors and mentees met occasionally and discussed various project-related issues. The main points of interest were branding strategy, marketing ch

  5. Training course in Northern Macedonia, Skopje

    On the first day of the training, participants presented activity plan about the work they have done over the past 6 months. During the presentatio

  6. Follow-up activity in North Macedonia

    Group meetings were held with selected mentees. Mentees presented their work so far, discussed challenges and obstacles during the work on their pr

  7. Training course in Greece, Thessaloniki

    On the first day of the training, participants, design and implementation of the project. "Designing a sustainable social business model"

  8. Follow-up activity in Azerbaijan

    Mentors organized training on the topic of Introduction to Mentoring Sessions, Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship, Business Model Canvas, Fina

  9. Follow-up activity in Greece

    Mentors organized a training on the topic called "What is SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP?". They defined social entrepreneurship, explained WHO

  10. Follow-up activity in Bulgaria

    Mentors held a discussion on different topics related to entrepreneurship.They were actively involved in the role of mentors of 20 teachers of this