In the 1980s, a new movement known as “social entrepreneurship” emerged globally. The movement led by a new generation of entrepreneurs dedicated to solving societal problems through innovative, sustainable, and scalable business models. The growth of this movement has triggered a transformation in the behavior of players from the commercial, social, and public sectors, engaging them in cross-sector dialogue and joint initiatives. Inspired by social entrepreneurs ideas, non-governmental organizations developed the following guideline for empowering young people in Europe with ideas to solve social issues.

Designed in 6 months, the guidelines in 7 different languages, are developed both for newcomers found themselves in an innovative newcomers and for entrepreneurs already involved in social business. The most important approach for newcomers to set up their mindset into an entrepreneurial way of thinking – an ability to see things differently than the rest of the world, but it is not necessarily an inherent trait and can be easily developed or improved.

With the help of this short guideline, you will learn how to start your social entrepreneurship idea and how to drive it in a sustainable way:

 1. Problem Identifying

 2. Customer Segment Hypothesish

 3. Experimenting

 4. Value Proposition

 5. Impact Frameworkcc

 6. Sustainable Business Model

 7. Mentoring Social Entrepreneurs