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A sustainable project in entrepreneurship

In 2018, the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan awarded a grant in the framework of Erasmus+ programme funded by the European Commission. The project “Start it UP, Keep it UP” is an innovative project focused on the promotion of social entrepreneurship. This project touches one of the comparing unfamiliar fields in the youth sector and the new concept in Europe – social entrepreneurship, emphasizing the innovative feature - the creation of social start-up incubators. As a long term project, it is aimed at gathering six youth organizations across Europe for developing educational training sessions concerning future potential social entrepreneurs by establishing social entrepreneurs hubs and mentors in social entrepreneurship.

to BUILD the capacity of young entrepreneurs by equipping them with needed skills, facilities and competences in given consultancy for other young people in social entrepreneurship;

to CREATE a space for evaluation and discussion of the impact of social entrepreneurship in decreasing unemployment and building a better environment with relevant stakeholders;

to EDUCATE young people by providing them with necessary tools, methodologies and terminologies act as a multiple and establish their own business.

Training Course

Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World

Young people interested in the field of social entrepreneurship are provided with opportunities, tools, methodologies and terminologies of the art of entrepreneurship for starting their own “social start-ups” through the support of extraordinary training courses. Key activities of the project are training courses in Croatia in April 2019, in North Macedonia in September 2019, in Greece in February 2020. Quantity of participation of the training course measured with 4 participants + 1 coordinator from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia and Turkey.


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